Still Struggling to Write the Offer that Sucks People Right Into You’re Sales Funnel?

… And It Works Even If You’ve Never Written a Sales Letter in Your Life!
Here is where the rubber meets the road. If you can’t write a compelling sales offer, then you aren’t going to sell anything.

But …

Now you can! This HOT little tool is like having a magic wand that does the work for you and spits out copy that will have people pulling their credit card out and begging you to take their money!

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Jan Revell
From: The Desk of Jan Revell

RE: Your Very Own Sales Offer Magic

Dear Struggling Copywriter,

I, too, struggled with writing sales letters for years. Perhaps my story sounds familiar…

The good news is my mentor Alex Jeffreys is one of the best-selling copywriters in the Internet Marketing world.

Someone who makes hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit every time he launches.

He said to me:

“Jan, if you can write good sales copy, you’ll be able to sell anything … and the stuff will sell itself.”
Then one day, Alex brought his friend Mike onto a training call with him.

I love how gurus do that…

See “Friend Mike” just happened to be Mike Marin…. As in Copywriting Genius Mike Marin, who made $20,121 in just 14 days with a super simple funnel.

Have you ever had one of those moments when you know that something magical is going to happen?

Shivers went down my spine …
And it wasn’t too long before that something magical happened.

Alex mentioned something he did to his sales letters that sucked in the cash… Mike chipped in and, before you know it… Boom!

I knew I’d struck gold!
The secret sauce was out!!!
And I Couldn’t Believe They’d Just Shared It With Me!
This stuff was worth hundreds of thousands – if not MILLIONS – of dollars!

In fact, this stuff HAD already made MILLIONS of dollars!

And That’s How
This Software Came About
See, I’ve taken the proven SECRET Formula used by these Gurus to make millions of dollars and turned it into a push-button simple software … Churning out the SALES LETTER OFFER that can turn any sales page into an online cash machine!

Look, even if you don’t know how to write sales copy, this software will crank out an offer for you in minutes!


Sales Offer Magic
Sales Offer Magic is a super simple software that’s also a sales super hero because it helps you to quickly and easily harness the power of emotions!

How many times have you read a sales letter that never really got to the point about how you benefited as a buyer? Sales Offer Magic helps you avoid this common hazard by helping you identify…

“What are you really selling?”
It sounds simple. And that’s because it is … simply powerful!

So …

What is this ‘magic’ that you get?

Simply This …

A software that lets you harness the magical strategies used by the big Gurus to:

Turn your sales pages from sucky to high converting with the click of a few buttons! The formula this software uses is PROVEN to make more money for any sales page online!

Get your prospects emotionally involved and hungry to buy… then just kick back and watch your sales go through the roof as the money pours into your account.

Whether they laugh until they cry or just weep like a baby from your story, your customers won’t be able to stop themselves from pulling out their credit card. And with every sales letter you write, you will have them begging for more.

Streamline your sales offer writing with the almost magical method used only by the elite money makers to make millions of dollars – embedded right into this software so you don’t have to think – it’s already created for you.

Even if you don’t know how to write sales copy, this software will crank out an offer in just 5 minutes. I’m talking sales copy that could even outsell the “gurus”… Imagine the stunned look on all their faces when they see how your “non-guru” sales copy sucks money right out of the customer’s wallet!

Never be afraid of writing a sales letter again… because you now have exclusive access to expert copywriters built right into the software!

More sales with less effort? You bet! With these Done For You sales copy offers, you’ll be laughing at the cynics from the window of your sports car… especially when they spot the silvery sparkle of sunshine bouncing off your new Rolex!
Here’s The Bottom Line
Simply put, with this software you’ll be armed with the “push button” version of a secret formula sales offer strategy that is the magic the Gurus use.

And by the way … if you’re going to get hold of and apply this same strategy without this software, you’re going to have to pay THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to work with at least two gurus!

These two gurus are the ones who discovered this secret technique that sucks in cash.

You won’t learn this technique anywhere else.

No one else is doing it.

No one.

I Can’t Wait! Give It To Me!
Sales Offer Magic
In addition to this powerful software, and to make sure you can get started in the next five minutes, you’re also going to get:

Sales Offer Magic B
Watch this in-depth video that walks you through exactly how the software works – so you can immediately create an offer that stuns the gurus!
Value: $ 47

Sales Offer Magic B
Get everything you need in this PDF of the Powerpoint slides, showing you exactly how the software works, as simple as A,B,C – making sure you have everything right at your fingertips to get going – fast!
Value: $ 47
Of Course There’s More! Don’t Miss These …

Simple Squeeze Page Software
Do you worry about losing subscribers because of information overload on your squeeze pages?

No More! With this software, you can effective squeeze pages that make them want to sign in. It’s like magic!

Value: $ 47

Simple Testimonial Mastery
Who can blame people for being skeptical when it comes to products and the benefits? People want to see what others are doing (or saying) to help them decide on what they should do.

Now you will have the secret formula for getting objection smashing, credibility boosting testimonials for any product or service online!

Value: $ 27
But Wait … There’s One More Bonus You REALLY Won’t Want to Miss …
The Magic Maker

A live video interview with multimillionaire internet guru Alex Jeffreys as he talks more about copywriting secrets and this software; how it came about and how powerful it is.
Value: $ 1000
With All of This …
You’re probably wondering “Jan, how much is this going to cost?!”

Now, considering the sheer years of hard work that have gone into perfecting these REAL strategies and the REAL value you’re going to get from this software, you probably think you’d need to spend a fortune to get your hands on a copy!

So, before you’re jaw hits the floor…

Let’s Take A Look At Everything
You’ll Be Getting with
“Sales Offer Magic” Software …

If you wanted to get hold of these strategies over the phone with these Gurus, then you’d have to pay at least $1,000 an hour.

And if you consider the years of trial and error it’s taken these gurus to perfect their skill (as well as the hundreds of dollars I’ve invested in creating this), I could easily charge a premium for this software and still sell thousands of copies.

However, I made this for my friends who are still struggling to create a powerful, compelling sales copy. Because I know the struggle and the frustration of failing time after time.

For that reason, I have decided to practically give “Sales Offer Magic” away for a ridiculously low price that anyone serious about selling can afford.

Now for a very limited time only, you can get “Sales Offer Magic” for a heavily reduced price.

And to make this a very simple choice…


The guarantee is simple; check out “Sales Offer Magic” starting right now … RISK FREE for the next 30 days!

And if for any reason you’re not happy, simply let me know before the 30-day risk free period is up and I’ll give you a full refund.

No hassles, no questions asked.

Bottom line is you have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

There’s absolutely no risk on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on me.

But Don’t Just Believe What I Say. Here’s What Others Are Saying:





Sales Offer Magic
Here’s What To Do Now

You’ve got two choices:

(a) You can ignore this message, exit this page and possibly lose your opportunity to create a life changing income.


(b) You can do the only sensible thing. Put “Sales Offer Magic” to work for you – RISK FREE today – and start transforming your sales letters into magical money-sucking machines!

Sales Offer Magic
Hit the buy now button and within 5 minutes you will be harnessing the power of a strategy that is going to revolutionise your sales letters and conversion rates!

And if for any reason “Sales Offer Magic” isn’t everything I said it was, you can just let me know and every cent will be refunded immediately… no questions asked.

What’s there to lose?

Sales Offer Magic
This is Jan Revell, over and out!

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter.

See you on the inside!

Jan Revell
P.S. One more thing… I want you to know that the reason I created this software was to “share the love.” It sounds corny, but it’s true. I benefited so much from this strategy that it revolutionized my business. And now I want you to benefit too. Why not save a fortune by picking this up NOW.

P.P.S. I can make you this guarantee… if you do nothing, nothing will change.

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Sales Offer Magic


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